RAFFLE DRAW SUBMISSION atmos x New Balance 2002R Cybernetics Blue


New Balance and atmos come together again to bring the M2002RAN Cybernetics Blue, inspired by the cybernetic world.

The base model used is the M2002R, which reinterprets the MR2002 USA model with current specifications. atmos express the theme of the Cybernetics World, and the future of the 2002R.

Blue in the cyber world not only boasts excellent visibility, but it also interprets it as indispensable for expressing the possibilities for the future led by human technology and its worldview.

The mesh and suede parts are made of different tones of blue, while gray, the signature color of New Balance, is used as the base color. Reflector parts unique to the 2002R, scattered throughout the shoe, add accents that further synergize with the different perspective.

atmos x New Balance 2002R Cybernetics Blue retails for PHP 10,295.00
and is now available online for raffle, for a limited time.

Raffle Reservation link timing details:

Raffle Opens: July 28, 11:00 AM PHT

Raffle Closes: July 28, 1:00 PM PHT

The winning online raffle reservations will be notified via email on July 28, 2023.



1. The name, address, and ID number indicated on the raffle entry form must match the name on your government-issued ID. Orders with details that do not match will not be honored.

2. A valid government ID matching the submitted raffle details and order information via email is required. If necessary, a customer may be required to present multiple identification cards.

Valid identification includes:

Passport, or government-issued ID card which reflects on its face the name, picture, date of birth, and nationality of the customer (e.g. SSS, GSIS, Drivers License, National ID, Unified Multi-Purpose ID, PRC ID, PWD or PRM ID issued by the National Council on Disability Affairs or a local government unit, or Senior Citizens Identification Card issued by the Office for Senior Citizen Affairs in the city or municipality where the person resides).

Temporary IDs or IDs without photos, email notification screenshots, authorization letters, expired IDs, damaged IDs, or any IDs not stated above are invalid and will not be accepted.

3. A valid Google account must be used to enter this raffle.

4. Input your Instagram account and follow IG: @atmos.philippines.

5. Please take note of the size selected upon registration. You will not be able to purchase a different size.

6. Strictly one entry per customer. Multiple entries will automatically be disqualified. Please ensure all fields are filled correctly before submitting your entry.

7. Successful reservations will be sent a notification via email on July 28, 2023

Thank you for joining and good luck,

atmos Philippines

raffle closed

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