How do I contact customer support?

We only have one official contact for customer support and that is

Please note that all concerns should go through Anything in relation to inventory availability, fulfilment, deliveries, returns, exchanges, and the like will still go through and not through Airspeed. 

Airspeed is a courier partner. Airspeed is not part of Atmos Philippines. Airspeed will not answer concerns relating to Atmos Philippines. 

Is the online store open 24/7?

Yes. Our online store remains open unless there are system updates which happen around late evening or midnight. 

Please note that the team behind the online store follows the operating hours of 9AM to 5PM; operating days of Monday to Friday.

When do I receive my tracking number?

Tracking numbers are assigned a few hours to a few days depending on the processing of the order and the shipping location. 

You will be notified of your tracking number via email. In case you haven’t received an email with the tracking number even after a few days, you can log in to your Atmos Philippines account and click on the order number to check.

How do I track my order?

You can find your order tracking number upon purchase and in your Atmos Philippines account. You will also be notified via email once the tracking number has been linked to your order.

In case the tracking number link doesn't lead you to the website, please go to to find the details of the shipment.

In case the tracking information is not visible on your end, you may check with Airspeed through Airspeed customer support via email at and carbon copy (CC)

Please note that Airspeed customer support can and will only answer emails relating to the tracking of orders.

Where do I see the progress / details of my order?

There are two ways to view: 

1. For order details (in case you can no longer find the order confirmation email), log into your account here: where it will already lead you to your order history. Click on the order number you want to check.

2. For delivery details (in case you can no longer find the shipped order notification email), go to: and input your tracking number then press "Track". Remember to click on the tracking number after the waybill results appear to view the detailed logistics data.

When will my order be processed?

Your order will be processed promptly after the payment has been confirmed. 

For same day processing, cut off is 12PM. All orders made after cut off will be processed the next day.

Do you accept orders during weekends?

Yes, we do accept orders during weekends and public holidays. We ensure that your order will be processed as soon as possible.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept various payment methods. Please see our website for the full list of accepted payment methods.

Some products are only for first come, first served. These products will be manually processed.

For these products:

1. We will send you an email to confirm that you have gotten a pair with instruction to how to pay.

2. Keep your proof of payment, include your order number, and send it to .

3. Wait for the official email confirmation of a successful payment received from Atmos Philippines.

Note: Your order will automatically be cancelled if we do not receive you payment within 30 minutes.

Will I receive confirmation after placing an order?

Yes, you will receive a confirmation email immediately after placing an order and it should come with an order number. A subsequent email will also be sent to provide you with the shipping and tracking information.

Note that payment without an order confirmation is considered as a none existing order. An order number ties your name and email to the items you've checked out and helps us trace and verify payment. Should there be deductions to your bank, credit card, debit card, electronic wallet, and other accounts, please contact the corresponding companies for checking. 

Can I pick up my items on the store?

As of now, we do not allow store pick ups as our operations for the physical store and online store are different.

I have not received my order yet. 

If the estimated delivery time is still not followed, please note that shipping times are estimates only and may still vary based on factors such as weather conditions, customs processing times, and other unforeseen circumstances. We will do our best to keep you informed of any delays and provide you with tracking information so that you can monitor the progress of your shipment.

I placed the wrong shipping information, how can I change it?

Do send us an email with the information you want corrected and we will do it for you. We have to check first that the package hasn't been dispatched. We will work around this to make sure your items get to you. 

Can I cancel or modify my order?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept any changes or cancellations for orders that have been submitted due to our system. We prioritise completing orders as soon as possible to meet your requirements. However, if you have any concerns, please contact our customer support at

Can I cancel my order to place another one since the item I bought is now on sale? / Can I cancel my order to place another one to claim free shipping?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept any changes or cancellations for orders that have been submitted due to our system. We also do not have control over sale items as we serve as an official retailer and not a reseller. Any items that have been marked down are approved by the brands we carry.

My order was cancelled, why?

Your order was cancelled due to items not being unavailable or caused by an oversold issue due to the limitations of our system bandwidth on hyped products. Though we hoped to immediately let you know that an item is unavailable, some days take longer for our fulfilment to check the stocks in our warehouse.

My order was cancelled, when will I receive my refund?

Any time an order is cancelled, a refund will automatically be processed. Status will either be pending or refunded. Our payment gateway processes all refunds. We do not accept payments from cancelled or refunded items. 

Please note that the actual reflection of refunds to your account depends on the bank or electronic wallet companies. Do make sure to contact the corresponding companies for such information. Beware of customer support of these companies telling you that it is paid to the merchant. All pending refunds will be considered paid until refunds are reflected. Customers making contact for the corresponding customer support will often tell you that it says paid, but merchant services on our end will tell us that it is either processing or already processed. 

Standard refund reflections are between 7 to 45 business days depending on the method used and the company of account.

I received a damaged pair, what do I do?

Please let us know and send us photo and video documentation of the damaged items. Should the item you ordered be available, we will replace it as soon as possible. Should the item not be available, we will give back a full refund through our payment gateway to your designated payment method.

I received my item/s, but the box is damaged. Can I replace it?

We will review this on a case to case basis. Please let us know and send us photo documentation of the box and the items. Our priority is to make sure that the item inside does not have a factory defect or is not damaged from transit. 

Boxes with light creases or tears are considered normal and will not be eligible for return or exchange. Boxes that render bigger damage that may or may not affect the items will be subject to review.

Can you check for me if there is available stock / size for a particular product?

Our database access only limits us to what we see for the online store. All products found on the online store are updated real time which you can check. 

Note that some items are exclusive to the physical store and will not be found online, some are online exclusives, and some are transferred from the physical store to the online store. 

What is my size when converted?

Please refer to the size chart here: 

For sizing of specific items not on the chart like apparel, please email us at for assistance.

How do I join the raffle?

We would announce a few hours or maybe days on our social media pages before the raffle opens. Raffle items will pop up here: where you can join as soon as it opens. 

Please note the following rules for raffle:

We will apply the Final Sales Policy for Raffle Winners. The return and exchange policy does not apply to raffle items. Raffle items are exempt from all promotions, discounts, and shipping offers. All raffle purchases are considered final sale.

Winning entries are non-transferable and may not be sold, assigned, or otherwise conveyed to another party. Any evidence of attempted transfer will result in disqualification and subsequent bans. Entries hold no monetary value and cannot be exchanged for cash or credit towards any purchase.

Raffle products are designated for retail purposes only. Atmos Philippines retains the right to disqualify any successful entry if the customer is found ineligible. No explanation for disqualification is obligatory. Disqualified entries will not receive a payment invoice.

Atmos Philippines maintains the right to reject orders that exploit our raffle system.

Can I have your company hotline?

We do not have a company hotline, landline, or mobile number yet. Please direct all inquiries to or to our official social media platforms: Facebook & Instagram: @atmos.philippines . 

What is your shipping policy?

Please visit for more information.

What is your return policy?

View the complete return and exchange policy here: