Adidas Superstar XLG Atmos

A Special edition model, the “SUPERSTAR XLG atmos,” has been introduced by atmos, featuring a fat reinterpretation of adidas Originals’ iconic sneaker for the new generation.

The “SUPERSTAR XLG” model, which originally debuted as a basketball shoe in 1969 and later became an icon of street culture, inherits the classic DNA of the Superstar. It has been reconstructed by infusing a new taste, catering to the style of the new generation.

The atmos special edition model introduced this time features the “SUPERSTAR XLG” with red stitching as an accent. The silhouette has been reimagined with an overall fat design, including increased padding on the upper and tongue. This release offers a unisex size range and incorporates a voluminous outsole and an innovative oversized shell toe, providing a generous sense of volume. The comfortable wearing experience is enhanced with a leather upper and an EVA sock liner, making for an original and updated design.

The “SUPERSTAR XLG” presented by atmos is infused with the distinctive attention to detail characteristic of atmos.